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Cynthia Thompson

US . Tennessee . Memphis

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1. Conceal, 2003
Letterpress printing on handmade paper. 7x11 inches, 18x28 centimeters

2. Heirlooms, 2003
Cast paper pulp, digital images. 18x22 inches, 46x56 centimeters

3. Heirlooms


My work contains strong religious undertones and has often been described as “Catholic” in nature. I am interested in addressing how religion plays a part in constructing body image and sexual identity. The surfaces and materials I use in my work refer to skin or flesh. Using the body as the site of intense investigation, I explore the physical manifestations of denial, shame, and oppression—how internal pain and oppression register externally on the body. In particular, I share my own experience of having grown up female in the religious South. I am in a sense putting on display shameful things as a means of addressing my own concerns with beauty, vulnerability, imperfection, and guilt.

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