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Robbin Ami Silverberg

US . New York . Brooklyn

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1. Thoughts in the Form of a Letter, 2003
Pulp painted text on translucent abaca paper. 9x12x3 inches, 23x30x7.5 centimeters

2. Spun Into Gold, 2002
Printed and spun kozo. 14x6x1.75 inches, 35x15x4.5 centimeters

3. Duster 2, 2001
Letterpress printing on abaca/rag papers, wooden dowel, waxed flax cordage. 30x2x2 inches each, 75x5x5
centimeters each

4. Black Torah, 2003
Burnt text, graphite/flax scroll. 132x6 inches, 335x15 centimeters


Much of my recent artwork, whether artist books, scrolls, or installations, focus on the image of text based on a Cabalistic belief which explains that two holy books were actually handed down: the Black Torah and the White Torah. The black one is made of all the black letters/words; the White Torah are the spaces in between the words and the letters--where the Cabalists thought true wisdom could be found.

By incorporating this alternative perspective into my art-making, I have altered both the process of production and of looking at artwork. The viewer is asked to read/see that in between, that which we customarily deem of no importance. The result is that the focus transfers to the spaces between images, marks, letters and words, and even between pages and objects, as one is forced to re-think the very act of seeing and of reading.


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