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Pat Gentenaar-Torley

NETHERLANDS . 2286 AD . Rijswijk .

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1. Feeding Koi, 1998
Linen, cotton, hemp, silk, sisal. 47x35 inches, 120x90 centimeters

2. Kyoto, 1999
Linen, cotton, hemp, silk, sisal. 47x31 inches, 120x80 centimeters

3. Psychedelic Cabbage, 2000
linen, cotton, hemp, silk, sisal, sea grass. 35x27 inches, 90x70 centimeters


My technique gives me control over every individual fiber. I pour the very watery layers of colored fibers, layer over layer, getting the same effects that the old masters in the 17th century achieved in oil painting, working with layer over layer of color or glazing. Only here the color is the fiber, the carrier itself, which makes for a new and stunning brightness of color and depth of vision. Different beating times and the different types of fibers produce very subtle differences in the way the light is reflected by the end product: the paper painting. The subject matter is semi-realistic and very organic in form. I feel as if I pull my work from a primordial sea.

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